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Healthy Lifestyle Tips | SureshDesi Ghee

Healthy lifestyle habits can assist you to keep your best care. We’re maintaining our tips short, sweet, and essential to do each day. Sometimes, it’s nice to start healthy habits when you are aware of why it’s important. 

So we’ll also discuss what these healthy lifestyle practices can do for you! To balance a healthy lifestyle, you just need to make it ready to follow healthy habits and harder to follow bad habits.

You don’t have to put in more effort for perfect habits, you just have to follow them with care. While we’d encourage you to follow all these healthy lifestyle tips through this article.

Healthy Lifestyle Can Offer

A healthy lifestyle can offer an overall better quality of living. So a healthy lifestyle can be helpful in…

  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Improving mood.
  • Assist to prevent lifestyle-related disease.
  • Enhancing your energy level. 
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It’s a common misconception that getting healthy is only about consuming healthy food and exercising. In fact, following a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it isn’t about just those two elements—it’s also about being able to have a positive attitude, strong mental balance, and healthy self-care. 

Although there is a ton of suggestions out there on how to get a healthy lifestyle, here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Drink more water

Most of us don’t drink adequate water every day, but for the system functioning water is a major element. Water is essential for driving out our bodily functions, flushing waste, and offering nutrients and oxygen for our bodies. 

Since water is pushed out every day through urination, bowel activities, perspiration, and breathing, we should refill the good quantity of water in our bodies daily. The amount of water we want to drink is based on different factors but generally, an average adult requires two to three liters a day. 

2. Get enough sleep

When you don’t sleep well then it will affect your entire schedule of the day. Daily min 6-hour sleep is necessary for our body. 

3. Exercise

Not just some times a week, but follow it as a routine for every day. By following physical exercise for 30 minutes a day, you will reduce your risk of disease and promote higher bone density, and potentially enhance your life span. You can try different yoga poses and also do meditation for mental peace.

4. Consume more fruits and vegetables

All fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, nutrients essential to your health. It’s recommended that we should eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day to balance out health. Pick brightly-colored fruits in rainbow patterns to maintain good vitamins. 

These are rich in antioxidants (antioxidants avoid free radicals in our system that destroy our cells) and create a more appealing plate.

  • White (Bananas, Mushrooms)
  • Yellow (Pineapples, Mangoes)
  • Orange (Oranges, Papayas)
  • Red (Apples, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Watermelons)
  • Green (Guavas, Avocados, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Celery)
  • Purple/Blue (Blackberries, Eggplants, Prunes)

5. Ignore processed foods

Processed foods are simply not healthy for you. Most nutritional value is diminished in the preparation of processed foods and the used preservatives are unhealthy for our health. These foods include a high level of salt, which causes high blood pressure and heart disease.

6. Ignore negative people in your life

A positive mentality is a pointer for a healthy life. You should be away from negativity in your life. If you know that a person or friend is full of negative thinking, just let him or her go.

7. Avoid trigger foods

These are foods you can’t put aside after eating one bite. Everyone’s trigger foods are variant, but majorly they include candy bars, chocolate, chips, cookies, or anything with a high amount of refined sugar, salt, fat, or flour.

8. Follow your schedule of eating

Your stomach is the organ that decides for feelings of hunger and fullness. If you follow your timing of meals and consume it more slowly. Let your brain sign the “full” message to your stomach and check your food to be fully ingested. 

9. Prepare your meals by yourself

When you make meals for yourself, you should balance exactly what goes into them. This makes it beneficial for you to make good healthy choices for your system.

10. Prefer low-calorie and low-fat options

There are many low-fat or non-fat criteria readily available in all grocery shops. Try swapping your full-fat pantry staples by low-fat content over some time.

11. Avoid smoking

Smoking is bad and very injurious to health. If you’re a smoker, stop it for better health’s sake—not just for yourself, but for the love of your family and friends. If you avoid smoking it will add more years to your healthy lifespan.

12. Have healthy snacks on hand

Preferring small meals for a whole day is a healthy habit for your metabolism, but choosing the right food is what matters most. When choosing snacks during your day, try for things like fruit, salad, or freshly squeezed juices not from concentrate or packaged. These are nutritional and won’t result in a sugar crash.

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13. Ghee is a healthy tip for almost all health problems

Besides all the above tips, you can try to add desi ghee to your diet. It is hard for most people to believe that a little fat in their meals can be healthy, let alone be considered effective medicine. According to Ayurveda, however, clarified butterfat is nothing but premium ghee and is one of the most medicinal tonics. 

Desi ghee made from cow milk is used to cure wounds, manage digestion issues, avoid free radicals, and build the immune system. Organic desi cow ghee is also believed to enhance one’s ojas, or “life energy.”

“For centuries, grass-fed cow ghee has been recognized as a Rasayana, which means a healing medicine that controls both body and mind,” says Shubhra Krishan, author of Essential Ayurveda.

Desi cow ghee has science on its side. “Most of the digestive stimulants are fat-soluble, and their source is fat,” suggests Jay Apte of the Ayurvedic Institute of America in Foster City, California. Since desi cow ghee is a 100 percent pure and healthy source of good fat, it circulates those enzymes causing food to be broken down more easily. 

Building on this idea, Ayurvedic practitioners often recommend the use of desi cow ghee as the main ingredient in their herbal formulations. So induce it in your daily diet to reap optimal health benefits and follow it as a healthy lifestyle tip.


Which health tips are most healthy for you right, now depends on your choice. These are timeless tactics, so bookmark this article and follow these tips to solve your everyday problems. You can suggest these tips to your family and friends to stay healthy.

Not all ghee options in the market are followed by Vedic procedures. Hence, you can be ready with various alternatives in the market, from cheap to costly with different quality. The best way to check which brand is healthy is based on its nutritional status. You should always prefer desi cow ghee made by the traditional method.

You can order grass-fed cow ghee online easily and it can be applicable for crucial differences to your health. In a nutshell, desi cow ghee delivers many amazing benefits that impact its ability to avoid your everyday problems. To order this quality riched pure ghee visit here: